Factory Overview:

Guan Lan K.S. Plastic Factory is a wholly owned manufacturing entity of Hideki Electronics Limited located in Bao An region, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province in China with 20,500 square meter, up to 25 production lines and workforce of over 600 people. Hideki’s manufacturing facilities are completely integrated and it has been complied to BSCI and being accredited with ISO 9001:2008 approval to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficiency throughout our manufacturing process. We have invested in the industry's most sophisticated machinery and production facilities, such as high precision plastic injection molding machines, advanced bonding machines and high speed SMT production line.

Hideki is committed to provide employees with the highest possible quality of life in which we offer comprehensive benefits include common dining area, dormitories, basketball court and other employee activities such as annual party and festival celebrations to enhance the prevalent team spirit. Our factory is equipped with good ventilation, lighting and sanitary fixtures, and we provide protective clothing and tools for our employees. The security and health of our employees are safeguarded at all times. Our employees are trained in escape routes and strategies, as well as basic emergency treatment through fire drills, which are conducted regularly.